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About Us

We are operating seven days of                        the week!

Our Company

The 6 Day Zoo is home to a variety of different exotic animal species trained and experienced for educational shows and presentations.  We travel with our animals to all locations in Nova Scotia, and strive to instill a passion in our audiences for all creatures. 

our goals  

At The 6 Day Zoo our goal is to give each and every person, young and old, an opportunity to learn and to get up close with a wide variety of animals from all over the world. We strive to teach people about conservation, appropriate pet ownership and to change your view on some very misunderstood creatures. We also want to provide each animal with an opportunity in life, a good home and a safe environment to live in. We love to teach people all about God`s wonderful creatures in His creation.    


 how we get our animals 

Most of the animals here at The 6 Day Zoo are rescues or peoples` unwanted pets. Some of the animals have been donated to us by people and other zoos. A lot of the animals that we get are in very poor condition and need a lot of time, medical care and patience to bring them back to health. We work with and care for each and every animal to gain their trust and to build an understanding relationship with them. We have a big heart and a strong passion for animals, and getting them the best care that we can give.          

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