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Below are just some of our mammals here at The 6 Day Zoo.  

For more information about our additional animals, please contact us.

Egyptian Spiny Mouse

                        Native to Africa, north of the Sahara Desert  //  Lives in burrows and rock crevices  //  Unusally stiff guard hairs on back called "spines"  //  Primarily nocturnal

Fun Facts:

African Pygmy Hedgehog

                        Has 5,000-7,000 non-removeable spines  //  Rolls itself into a tight ball when frightened  //  Is an insectivore and is nocturnal by nature  //  Relies primarily on its senses of hearing and smell, with poor eyesight

Fun Facts:

Brazilian Opossum

Fun Facts:

                        Also called a Short-tailed Opossum  //  A marsupial with no pouch  //  Has a prehensile tail from which it can hang and can carry items with  //  Is an insectivore with 50 teeth  //  Has opposable thumbs on hind feet

Norway Rat

Fun Facts:

                        Also called a Brown Rat  //  One of the top ten smartest animals on the planet  //  Can be found on all the continents except Antarctica  //  Lives in large hierarchical packs called "mischiefs"  //  Uses its tail for balance and regulating body temperature


Fun Facts:

                        Native to the Andes Mountains in Chile  //  Lives in large colonies of up to 100 chinchillas  //  Found at high altitudes of up to 15,000 feet  //  Lacks the ability to sweat  //  Is capable of jumping 6 feet high  //  Nearly extinct in the wild as a result of being hunted for their fur


                        Not rodents, but of the order Lagomorpha  //  Baby rabbits are called "kits", not bunnies  //  Lives underground in burrows // Is crepuscular, or most active at dawn and dusk //  Male rabbits are called "bucks" and females are called "does"

Fun Facts:

Guinea Pig


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